The business has been sold to Vonex Ltd, who are now supplying the services and customers will be redirected to a new website soon.

This area sets out our customer terms and conditions and other policy and contract information. 

  • Critical Information Summaries

    See the key details of your product, plan, device or service. 

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    This shows all the fees and other costs that you may be charged. 

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    This sets out the warranty terms and conditions for equipment you purchase from us.

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    We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content, products and services. 

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    By accessing or using a website you agree certain terms of use. This area sets out what the MyNetFone Website terms of Use are.  

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    This is our Acceptable Use Policy. It applies to all Services we supply to all our customers and users.

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    If you wish to appoint an Authorised Representative to deal with MyNetFone on your behalf, please complete this form.

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