Billing & Payments




When we bill you

We’ll send you monthly bills for your services, commencing one month after the date you placed your order. We bill you in advance for regular charges such as monthly service fees, and in arrears for other charges, like usage. We try to include all the charges for a billing period in the relevant bill, but sometimes we may need to include charges from a previous period. You may also receive bills after a Service has been cancelled, for charges you incurred before or when the Service was cancelled, but we will bill them within a reasonable time after cancellation. These charges will comply with the billing requirements in the Communications Alliance Code – Telecommunications Consumer Protections (C628). A copy of the Code can be found

How we bill you

Our bills are available in the following formats:  

  • Email Bill – Receive a summary or detailed bill by email in html format to your registered email address.
  • Online Bill –View your bill online via the Account section of the My Account Portal.

To help ensure you can continue to receive your Email Bill, it is your responsibility to:

  1. notify us if your Email Bill email address changes;
  2. ensure that you have sufficient space available in your email mailbox to receive your Email Bill;
  3. check your junk email folder to see if your Email Bill has been delivered there instead of your Inbox;
  4. contact us if you do not receive your Email Bill; and
  5. keep your email account secure to protect the privacy of your personal and credit information contained in the Email Bill.

If you require us to re-send invoices older than 3 months from the time of request, and that billing information is available without charge on MyNetFone’s My Account portal, a fee of $5 is payable per invoice requested. MyNetFone sends out Email bills only.  


Each bill will set out a breakdown of the charges. You can view your itemised call charge records and other relevant information via our password protected 'My Account' web portal. We will bill all charges, applicable taxes and surcharges monthly in advance. Any usage charges will be billed in increments that are rounded up to the nearest minute.

An Invoice Reading Guide is also available to help you understand the different categories and charges on your MyNetFone bill.


If you dispute a bill, you must notify us within 14 days of the date of the bill, telling us the invoice date and number, the amount you dispute, your detailed reasons and any documentation to support your claim. You must pay any amount that you do not dispute by the due date. We will investigate the dispute and notify you of the outcome within a reasonable period. If we find an error in the bill, we will reissue the bill and will credit your account with any overpayment and you must pay any outstanding remainder by the due date. If you no longer have an account with us, we will take reasonable steps to refund any overpayment to you.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the dispute, you can seek to resolve the dispute through our complaints process.



How to pay your bill

MyNetFone accepts a variety of payment methods, so you can pick the one that is most convenient for you.

Once-off Payments

Credit Card Online

Log into the My Account Portal from our homepage. Click on the Payments section and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter your credit card number.

Your credit card will be debited and your MyNetFone account credited immediately. The MyNetFone account credit will be available for immediate use.

Credit card transaction limits apply. You will only be allowed 4 credit card transactions per month, and total credit limits apply. 


Log into the My Account Portal from our homepage. Click on the Payments section to get your BPAY customer reference number and MyNetFone biller code.

Then pay via your bank or financial institution as you normally would. Please note that BPAY payments take 3 working days to be credited to your account.

Please note: New customers must make their first payment by Credit Card, and can then transfer to automatic Direct Debit or BPay payments once the initial payment is received.

Automatic Payments

Credit Card Automatic Payments

You can register for automatic top-up of your MyNetFone account at the end of each billing cycle, where our system will check your MyNetFone account and top-it-up to your nominated amount. You only pay for what you use, so if you have not spent the full amount of your top-up amount, we will only debit you the difference if any.

For example, if your nominated top-up amount is $20, and you have only spent $15 in a given billing cycle, our system will charge your registered credit card $15 to bring the MyNetFone account balance back to $20.

You can register for credit card automatic payment through the My Account Portal.

Direct Debit Automatic Payments

(Naked DSL customers only)

If you have a MyNetFone Naked DSL service, you can register for automatic top-ups via Direct Debit at the end of each billing cycle.

To do so, please download the Direct Debit form and return the completed form by Faxing it to (02) 8008 8006 or emailing a scanned copy to

Note: This Payment Method is currently not available to customers on VoIP-only services.

If you pay by direct debit from your credit card, charge card or bank account, you must notify us promptly if there is a change to those card or bank details and ensure that your account has sufficient funds to allow payment

You must give us a valid credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, or any other issuer then-accepted by us) when the Service is activated. If your card expires, you close your account, your billing address changes, or the card is cancelled and replaced owing to loss or theft, you must advise us at once. 

Free Included Extras with any VoIP Plans

All Residential plans with MyNetFone are a pre-paid service, therefore we will debit the amount required at the end of each billing period to maintain your account in a positive balance.

Customers are responsible for making payment to keep their accounts up-to-date in accordance with the account status.

Credit and charge cards

If you pay for the Service by credit card or charge card, you authorise us to disclose your credit card details to and obtain information from  the credit card issuer to verify those details and your ability to pay the charges using the credit card, and bill all charges to your credit card on a monthly basis and any Break Fee or other charges which may become owing on cancellation of the Service. 

Prepaid accounts - when to pay

For all prepaid accounts, you must pay the monthly service fess if any, in advance each month. You must also top up your account as required to maintain the minimum positive balance.

Postpaid accounts - credit limits, when to pay

Where we have agreed to provide credit terms to you, we will notify you the credit limit for your account. We can vary the credit limit and credit terms by notifying you if we reasonably become concerned about your ability to pay at any time. You must pay the charges by the due date in the bill. If at any time within a billing period the unpaid charges exceed the credit limit, we can ask you to pay an amount to bring your account below the credit limit, even if we have not sent you a bill.

Failure to pay

If you fail to pay a bill by the due date, we can restrict, suspend or cancel your service Service.

If you have a prepaid account and your account balance falls to zero or below, we may restrict your service immediately.

If you are using a VoIP service and your service has been restricted, this means:

  • You will not be able to make any calls except our service numbers (121, 181) and emergency numbers (e.g. 000).

If you are using an internet service and your service has been restricted, this means:

  • Your service speed may be throttled, allowing you to access websites at a slower speed.
  • To restore the speed to normal, you must pay the due bill in full. Purchasing a data boost at this point will not work.

If after you have been restricted and our records show that we have not received any payment for the due amount, we will commence our credit management process. Continued failure to make a payment for the overdue amount may result in your services being suspended and then disconnected. 

Once your service(s) has been disconnected, you will not be able to reconnect it. Your current service plan(s) and telephone number(s) may no longer be available.

After disconnection, we may report your payment default to a credit reporting agency, collection agency and/or debt buyer and it may be recorded on your credit file with a credit reporting agency. We may also pass your debt to a collection agency and/or debt buyer and legal action may be taken to recover the unpaid debt.

Financial Hardship

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your bill, our Financial Hardship Policy outlines how you can recieve assistance.

Need Help? Call our Customer Service

You can call our customer care line during business hours from your MyNetFone service. Our friendly operators will gladly be of assistance in helping you make a payment.


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